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Some Basic Points Of Plastic Injection Mould
May 18, 2017

Plastic injection mold Some basic points, with the rapid development of modern industry, plastic products in agriculture, daily life, electronic technology and other fields of widespread use, plastic products quality requirements are also increasingly high, daily necessities are particularly concerned. Plastic products in 1, mold design, 2, production and quality control, 3, advanced mold manufacturing equipment and reasonable processing, 4, molding high-quality materials and advanced equipment, such as the formation of plastic parts are important conditions affecting. In the molding process of injection plastics, the mould is closed under the condition of injection pressure. The plastic mould cooling freezes, the injection device currently adopts two kinds of design: screw type pre-plasticizing device or double-stage apparatus, as well as reciprocating screw rod. The screw-type pre-plasticizing device utilizes the preformed screw (first level) to inject the molten plastics into the injection rod (second level), including plastic, blow molding, extrusion and other plastic injection molding processing is the most commonly used method, suitable for all parts of the thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics. Injection molding industry, the more and more advanced technology requirements, mold cavity and shape more and more complex, precision molds are increasingly demanding, production cycle needs more and shorter. Plastic injection molding process requires precise control of melt temperature, melt viscosity, injection speed, injection follow-up pressure, pressure from the speed conversion point, cycle time.

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