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Key Points Of Quality Control In Plastic Mould Manufacturing
May 18, 2017

In recent years, a lot of machinery and equipment sales in the mold industry are declining, but mold testing equipment, such as 2.5 times, three coordinate detector and other testing instruments are growing, visible for the quality of the promotion is now the plastic mold manufacturer necessary reform direction. But what is the quality of the plastic mold made or detected? After years of groping, continuous learning, injection molding company concluded: To ensure the quality of molds, plastic mold manufacturing quality control is the key to mold manufacturing quality. With the gradual saturation of the market, the market demand is also more and more small, the personalized requirements of products more and more high, plastic mold factory is a low-priced time to win over the past, a batch of new technology start-up companies, in addition to the innovation and breakthrough in science and technology, secondly, the quality requirements of all aspects of the products are more stringent than in the past, thus driving the quality of the whole manufacturing industry reform, plastic mold manufacturing as the mother of industry, standing in the forefront of the face of opportunities and challenges coexist, only the self-practicing To eliminate the old equipment investment precision equipment, the introduction of advanced management mechanism from the manufacturing process of strict control in order to effectively improve the quality of the mold.

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