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How To Get Out Of Self-distribution Circle In Plastic Mould Industry
May 18, 2017

Plastic mold is an important technology base of manufacturing, with the mold production parts, achieved high precision, high complexity, high consistency, high productivity and low energy consumption, low consumption of the mold industry in the manufacturing of the status of more and more important. The level of mold, also directly reflects the level of manufacturing. In recent years, China's mould industry develops rapidly, the output value of mould manufacturing industry grows by about 15%% annually. On the current situation of China's mold industry, the product structure is not reasonable, most products are low-value products, and the high technology content of the mold still need to import, the main gap is in precision, large, complex, long-life molds. Plastic mold production and manufacturing, has been only as auxiliary work, in the enterprise exist, production mode is also experienced and skilled fitter Master, they use some machine tools to make simple mold production and manufacturing, mold production plant is most of the self-matching mold shop or branch factory, self-matching ratio of up to 60%%, and more than 70%% in foreign countries are commodity molds; mould enterprise structure, technology structure and import and export structure are unreasonable, mould industry structure needs to be further optimized In the automotive industry more developed countries, the mold used for automotive production accounted for 50%~60%, and China's less than 30%, in the use of the rationality of the mold has yet to be improved.

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