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Common Problems Encountered In Injection Molding Process
May 18, 2017

1, the temperature is the first step of injection molding, temperature can be divided into: drying temperature, material temperature, mold temperature, these are some of the most important factors. The drying temperature is in order to ensure the quality of the molding and the polymer in advance to dry, to ensure that the polymer dry and wet in a certain amount; the material temperature is to ensure the polymer plasticizing (melt glue) Normal, and Genesis Li Chongmo, molding; the temperature of the mould is the important condition of the skin size, appearance and molding cycle, controlling the cooling speed of the product in the mould cavity and the quality of the appearance of the products. 2, the speed is divided into: Injection mold speed, melt temperature, loose speed, closing the mold speed, thimble forward backward speed. The increase of injection speed will affect the increase of filling molding force, increase the speed of injection can make the flow length, the quality of products to ensure that product quality uniformity, high-speed injection suitable for long-flow products, low-speed control of the size of the product; the influence of melt speed on plasticizing capacity is an important parameter, the higher the speed, the higher the melt temperature, the more plasticizing the ability; The loose speed is to reduce the melt capacity, so that the melt cavity pressure drops, prevent the outflow of the role; the clamping speed is one of the important conditions to ensure the production operation of the machine. The thimble forward backward speed is to ensure that the product Genesis the demoulding does not make the product distortion, ※you crack. 3, the pressure is divided into: injection pressure, pressure, back pressure, clamping pressure, mold protection pressure, top pressure.

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