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What are the requirements for injection molding processing
May 18, 2017

1, not the same material, in Suzhou Injection molding processing time requirements of the temperature is also different. The temperature is too high or too low will be the material processing attack due to the impact, after all, made of finished products constitute the impact of the bad. For example, assuming that the temperature is too low, the color of the liquid material will attack some abnormal situation; Assuming that the temperature is too high, the product in the production will come back, there will be flash imagery attack, the quality of production is not up to demand. 2, in the injection molding process needs to be careful control of the speed inside the pouring road, assuming that too fast, there will be burrs, but also to fill the fullness and coke and so on. Assuming too slow, there will be shrinking appearances, and a brief cracking. Therefore, when pouring must be careful of its processing speed control, so that the quality of products produced by the demand for arrival. 3, in processing time need to be careful control of cooling time, detailed requirements of the time also needs to be processed according to the details of the products to choose. The processing of injection mold to the finished product marked brightness will have a greater impact, so it is necessary to pay more attention.

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