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The main risk factors of injection molding machine work
May 18, 2017

Injection molding machine main Hazard area: Injection molding machine is in the strong, high speed, high temperature, high pressure under the conditions of rapid work, its ejection agencies are high pressure, high-speed and local high temperature machines. The main danger zone of injection molding machine is as follows: (1) Feeding area: This area is rotated by screw, so do not place iron rod or other foreign body in the field; (2) Material protection and cover area: This area is the heating area of raw material, with high temperature and electric shock hazard; (3) Nozzle area: The area is the high pressure of the raw material, there is a splash hazard; (4) Mould area: This area is high speed and high pressure switch action zone, it is very dangerous. In addition, the raw material may also be sprayed from the mould's clamping surface, requiring special caution; (5) Supporting mould area: with strong mechanical action, special caution is required; (6) Clamping mechanism: high speed and strong mechanical action, need to be especially cautious.

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