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The effect of temperature on the quality of plastic mould
May 18, 2017

1, deformed. The mould temperature stability, cooling speed equilibrium can reduce the deformation of the product. For the wall thickness inconsistent and the shape of complex products, often arise due to contraction uneven and deformation of the situation, so that the appropriate cooling system must be used to make the mold and the core of each part of the temperature basically keep evenly, so that the cavity of the plastic melt in the same time solidification. 2. Dimensional accuracy. Using the temperature regulating system to keep the mould temperature constant, it can reduce the fluctuation of molding shrinkage and improve the stability of the dimensional accuracy of the products. The lower mould temperature can be used to reduce the molding shrinkage rate of the products. For example, for crystalline plastics, because the mould temperature is low, the product's crystallization degree is low, the lower crystallinity can reduce the shrinkage rate. But the crystallization of the product is not conducive to the stability of the size, from the size of the stability, but also need to improve the mold temperature, so that the product crystallization uniformity. 3, mechanical properties. For the crystallization of plastic, the crystallization of high-yu, product stress cracking opportunities, so reduce stress cracking point of view, lowering the control temperature is advantageous. 4, surface quality. Improve the mold temperature can improve the surface quality of products, too low mold temperature will make the product contour unclear and produce obvious fusion lines, resulting in the surface roughness of the products.

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