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Some problems to be noticed in injection molding hardening
May 18, 2017

Injection molding hardening refers to the process of ending cross-linking reactions when plastics are molded. The hardening speed is usually indicated by the second speed of the plastic specimen hardening 1mm thickness, the smaller the value, the faster the hardening rate. Injection molding hardening speed and injection molding processing raw materials varieties, plastic parts shape, wall thickness, molding temperature and is not preheating and pre pressure, such as the selection of ingots, preheating, progressive molding temperature and increase the pressure time, can obviously accelerate the hardening speed. In addition, the hardening speed should also be suitable for molding the request. For example, when injecting or injection molding, the request should be in plasticizing, filling when chemical reactions slow, hardening slow, has adhered to long-term activities. In addition, when the cavity is filled with high temperature and high pressure, it should be hardened rapidly. Plastic Injection molding process hardening slow molding cycle will make longer, lower production rate, hardening speed of plastic, can not be formed into a messy injection molded parts. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the hardening speed of injection molding process.

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