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Sandbag installation steps
May 09, 2018

First, the parcel is opened and the base of the boxing sandbag is taken out, which is the red drum in the picture. Place it flat on the table. At the same time, the supplied screws and nut wrenches are also placed on the desktop for easy access.

There are screw holes on the top and bottom of the drum base, which is prepared for sandbags and leather suction.

Next, take out 12 of the 14 skins that came with the product and install them. The remaining 2 are ready for use. One side of the leather suction is a screw. Turn the drum upside down and align the screw with the hole in the bottom of the bucket base to tighten it.

After installing all the scalp suctions, place it in front of the water pipe and fill the hole with a hose. Fill the bucket-shaped base with water and seal with a spare rubber plug. Next open the other package and remove the sandbags and accessories inside

The part where the sandbags and the base are connected is composed of: 5mm thick steel plate, beef tendon pad, sound-absorbing layer and fixed support steel plate, etc. We install according to the position sequence in the picture, and use two wrenches for fastening. Next, the newly fastened coupling piece is placed on top of the barrel-shaped base and the two are fastened with screws

Now that you can install sandbags, first understand the internal structure of the sandbags prior to installation. These sandbags are filled with internal fillers by the manufacturer, and do not require the user to fill in them. As shown in the picture, the sandbags are divided into four layers: the first layer is a high density PU leather; the second layer is a force buffer layer; the third layer is a high elasticity EPE; the fourth layer is a high density filled fabric core.

After understanding the internal structure of the sandbag, the end of the iron pipe of the sandbag is inserted into the support iron pipe on the base, and the two screw holes are aligned. Pass the two longest screws through the two holes and twist the two non-slip nuts on the screw rods. Use two adjustable wrenches to tighten them.

At this point, the overall installation of boxing sandbags has been completed, and fitness exercises are now available. Of course, the purpose of the sandbags I purchased was not for fitness, but stress was high. I wanted to relieve pressure by playing sandbags. At the same time, I achieved fitness goals while reducing stress.

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