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precautions of the boxing bag
May 08, 2018

   Sandbag is a practical method of practice fighting. It can effectively train the boxer's reaction speed and the harmony of the action. It can not only exercise the speed of the boxing, but also enhance the strength of the boxing.

Sandbags look like a simple thing, with a bag on the sand, hanging up to play is, there are a lot of martial arts people, for years of sandbags, but can not improve their level, unexplained sand bag essentials.Sandbag exercise is the most interesting part of boxing training, where you can imagine your opponent taking all the measures. There are a lot of important things to pay attention to. For beginners, it is undoubtedly a great challenge for them to consider all aspects.First of all, when the fist is released, the muscles should be relaxed and elastic. Don't stretch your muscles too tight. It's easy to get tired. The two is that the speed of punching is easy to lose. Power should be used at the end of the fist. This means that when the fist is in the bag, the arms should be fully unfolded. Only in this way can we achieve full strength. When punching, you should first knock the bag down instead of using the toggle bag to ensure that the fist is firm and free from damage. Many boxers have made such a mistake - the joint bag, which not only reduces the strength greatly, but also acts as a buffer for fingers.

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