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Plastic molds will flourish due to intrinsic demand
May 18, 2017

In recent years, all walks of life on the demand for mold, automotive manufacturing process of more than 90% percent to use molds, plastic products more than 90%% of the mold molding, IT industry's many plastics parts need to be molded by the mold, these intrinsic demand is continuing to promote the development of our mold industry. At present, China's mould trade market is very large, and the trend of 15%~20% is growing every year, which mainly benefited from the development of China's automotive, home appliances, IT industry, packaging, building materials, daily necessities and other molds large user industry. Plastic mold, plastic processing industry and plastic molding machine supporting, to give plastic products to complete configuration and precise size tools. Because of the variety and processing methods of plastics, plastic molding machine and plastic products are simplified different structure, so the type and structure of plastic mold is also varied. Influenced by the diversified policies of the country and the continuous expansion of market space, automotive, IT industry, packaging and other industries in recent years of rapid development momentum, not only in the capacity of a great development, but also in the high-end aspects of these industries have a significant progress, so the above-mentioned industries in the low end of high school three aspects have strong mold demand. Among them, the automotive, it products parts of plastics need to be molded through the mold, ultimately to become finished products sold.

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