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Injection molding process of PMMA plastics
May 18, 2017

PMMA injection molding is really very troublesome, there are many experience, there are many mold factory in the case of this mold is considered very simple, a piece of thin slices, the mold finished only to find it is not so simple! I design and manufacture too many SONYDVD lenses, Daewoo Car audio panels, key, and so on, optical lenses I have repaired this type of mold, mold is not difficult, the key is to use CNC optical polishing machine, to create such molds, from the beginning of design to production should be noticed: 1. According to the size and thickness of the product, as well as plastic machine injection volume, determine the number of mold holes, generally open a mold two points, or four points, too many and no good, the key can be opened a little more. 2. The design of the first model flow analysis, this is important, in particular, some rectangular lenses, the glue point in the long side by the corner of the 15MM is the best, if the product here is just a touch perforation, or reduce the glue bit better, production is easy to tune the gas lines and melt adhesive marks. 3. Exhaust position design, the general transparent lens is not allowed to have a thimble mark, all should open the auxiliary runner to help the top out, the flow of the exhaust function, generally adhere to a principle, there is a corner of excessive place to have exhaust. 4. The design of runner and inlet nozzle, runner open trapezoidal, the mouth opening fan, runner to polish very bright.

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