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How to process new plastic mould
May 18, 2017

(1) To play moderate W uniform hardness, die quenching, concave fire treatment, its hardness value of HRc 45-51 (according to the size of the mold, the larger the size, the lower the hardness required). (2) have high enough manufacturing precision, mold-shaped Shan tolerances and dimensional tolerances meet the requirements of the drawings (generally manufactured by negative tolerances), with a good interchangeability of dimensions. (3) There is enough low surface roughness, with the table and roughness only D value should reach 3. 2-1(a) Shows. 6Mm. The surface roughness of the work belt reaches 1. 6-o. 4Py, the surface should be nitriding treatment, phosphorus treatment insect other surface heat treatment, such as multi-element infiltration treatment and chemical heat treatment; (4) There is good to neutral, the contact rate should be greater than 80%; (5) Mould without internal defects, before use. "The like should undergo ultrasonic flaw detection and surface quality detection apricot." (6) The work band Change Place and the cavity shunt hole transition area, the weld joint cavity household turn the blood smooth uniform transition place, may not appear the angular edges.

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