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How to prevent the emergence of stripe defect in injection molding
May 18, 2017

The correct design, meticulous processing, reasonable repairing mould and timely nitriding are the key measures to prevent stripe defect. Precision Injection Molding tooling should be strictly according to the drawings requirements processing, especially attention to improve the surface of the shunt hole and the mold bridge is dripping shape, improve the state of solid metal flowing, reduce friction heat; the repair work should be to the scene to understand the injection molding mold material situation, determine the correct mold repair plan; the mould of the profile is more effective than observing the material head of the profiles to determine the mode of repairing the mould. Injection mould for nitriding in a timely manner; Ensure a reasonable flow state of solid metals. Precision Injection Molding Tooling design, reasonable layout of shunt holes, reasonably determine the length of the work belt, and the transition of length change, mold bridge dripping shape, reasonable welding angle, so that the solder joints fall in the welding chamber plane, in ensuring the mold core stiffness, strength of the case, deepen the depth of the welding chamber or enlarge the area of the broken welding chamber, if necessary, use "Sinking Bridge", is the basic measures to prevent the stripe defect.

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