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How to hit sandbags
May 08, 2018

1, fixed play: people can hold sandbags, practitioners accurately hit. This is the primary stage. In this way, the learners can experience the power of punching and kicking and kick the unknown. If the force is wrong, it is often easy to be overthrown by the reaction force at this stage. If the puncher is unknown, it is easy to find his own fault. Or beat powerless, standing on the step forward and hit the sandbags in the position of the struck, in order to understand the distance, the body as a whole force, penetration, whiplash, shock force and so on. If you can complete a hit with a significant skill, you will be raised to play an active sandbag.

2. Playing sandbags: The live sandbags are harder to beat than fixed ones. The sandbags are shaking. You may hit them in a moment, hit the air in one fell swoop and have a powerful punch but no power. Therefore, you should experience the cooperation of boxing and footwork: chase, retreat, hit, hit, hit beforehand, and so on, playing rich and varied, and wrestling. In the same way, in kicking, you should kick in the sport without having to hit it every time. Click with the combination hit. Repeated single strikes can firmly grasp the force of a punch. This is the primary stage of playing sandbags. Don't start with a fight. Fight a bit to see if you can play the whole power? Combining the strikes, you can play a second-hand straight punch and gradually transition to multiple strikes. In the strike, you must change the priorities. In particular, the density of hand and foot combo is not suitable for forming hands and feet. In a series of attacks, hand-to-toe kicks, foot-to-toe hands-out, tight coherence, such as walking in a row.

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