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Four characteristics of plastic products
May 18, 2017

1. Light Resistance: The outdoor products irradiated by the strong light, the light-resistant (sunscreen) level of the colouring agent is an important indicator, the light grade is poor, the products will soon fade in use. Weathering product selection of light-resistant grades should not be less than six, preferably Qile, indoor products optional Shiko. 2. Heat resistance: The thermal stability of pigments refers to the degree of heat loss, discoloration and fading of pigment at the processing temperature. Inorganic pigments are metal oxides, salts, heat stability, high heat resistance. The pigment of the organic compounds will change the molecular structure and the small amount of decomposition at a certain temperature. In particular, PP, PA, pet products, processing temperature at 280 ℃ above, in the selection of coloring agent should pay attention to the heat of the pigment. 3. Antioxidant: Some organic pigments in oxidation after the degradation of large molecules or other changes gradually faded, this process attention to the high temperature oxidation process and the occurrence of strong oxidant oxidation. The red will fade gradually after mixing with the chrome yellow pigment. 4. Acid and alkali: colored plastic products of the discoloration and coloring agent of chemical resistance (acid and alkaline, oxidation-resistant to restore) related. such as molybdenum chromium red dilute acid, but sensitive to alkali, cadmium-yellow acid, these two pigments and phenolic resins to some coloring agents to play a strong reduction, seriously affecting the heat resistance of the coloring agent, weathering and fade.

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