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Development prospect of Injection molding
May 18, 2017

Injection molding industry After several years of high-speed growth, is now in a relatively stable growth status. Although the future market for injection molding processing of the demand is still relatively large, but the quality of the product process requirements more stringent, in particular, precision injection molding products, this undoubtedly makes the injection molding processing industry to enter the threshold of continuous improvement. When more and more industry is inseparable from the development of plastic injection molding, which makes the processing industry in China's injection molding into a rapid development stage, a number of the emergence of a small plastic processing plant. As a result of the early injection molding process is relatively small, as long as understand this line can buy a complete injection molding machine for processing production. But this development pattern is increasingly not popular with the market, because the product quality of the small injection processing plant cannot guarantee, the production process is also comparatively backward. And the competition between enterprises are increasingly fierce, which makes injection molding processing costs in the continuous reduction, which undoubtedly restricts the injection molding industry technology investment.

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