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Development direction of injection molding plant
May 18, 2017

One, small injection molding plant: Small injection molding plant refers to the small size, often just a few small factories with a few units. At this time the factory orders from the care of friends, factory production of products are relatively simple and easy to meet a small number of employers for the purpose. After the order is stabilized, the factory owner by adding the equipment or upgrading the equipment and starting to introduce the foreign orders, at this time because the factory costs relatively low, the factory owners of fewer orders, therefore, the customer's degree of coordination is relatively high, there is enough time and energy to invest in production, but because of the small size, only adapted to the production of simple and low demand products; II Show that their orders have begun to have a relatively sufficient supply and the product line began to enrich, at this time the factory presents a good situation, the factory production intention is higher, and has a certain production capacity. Therefore, it is more suitable for the production of small-scale products, because of its low cost and production of smart, in the customer cooperation is also a comparative advantage.

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