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Common mistakes inplaying boxing bags
May 08, 2018

 Playing sandbags is an indispensable method of practicing combat. To play sandbags, you can fully test your attack power. You can use all the techniques to bombard and the sandbags will not be damaged. Therefore, there are sandbags in Chinese and foreign techniques. Playing sandbags seems like a very simple matter. With a bag of sand, hang up and hit it. There are many martial arts practitioners, playing sandbags for many years, but can not improve their own level, do not understand the essentials of playing sandbags. Analysis shows that the following common mistakes.

There is no actual combat. Because the sandbags do not have hands and feet, they will not fight back. Therefore, the practitioners often relax and fight hard. They can see that in the practice, the prestige is full and the feet are raining. It can be put into practice, and the hands and feet are stiff and the spirit is tense. Skills. This is why the sandbags were not conceived as one in practice. We did not combine offensive and defensive and footwork, and we fought with actual combat consciousness.

The pace is stiff and the distance is not proper. Some people put sandbags on hard sand or stones, put them on horses, hit them hard, hit the boxer's face and bruise their teeth, and they think that eating hard can be an “Iron fist”. In fact, this is meaningless. The pain of self-injury. The above boxing is inconsistent with the following footwork, and it cannot produce much power. When did you see the world champion Zama playing sandbags? People are alive and have strong skills in playing fixtures. They are not necessarily used in lightning-fast sports. A brave master from a dragon fights to demonstrate Bruce Lee's hard work of crushing the wood. Bruce Lee smiles and says: “People will fight back.” Bruce Lee successfully defeated his opponent in the actual combat, relying on the purity of the overall fighting technique. . If you play sandbags in a fixed, zombie practice, and pursue the so-called hard work, you can easily be knocked down in actual combat by opponents who do not have hard work but can play explosive power smoothly in the movement.

Abuse of physical strength, not rhythm. Sandbags should be beaten in 3 minutes. Most people will only fight hard. In less than 30 seconds, they will be tired and breathless, but they think that it is not endurance. If you don't breathe, the attack has no purpose and you don't understand change, it will consume a great deal of energy, and the effect will be poor.

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